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   Welcome. This is a collection of musings, a transient amalgam of screens as they appear before our eyes, an abstraction in context, a fluid movement. Sound as it comes into, and disappears from, existence. If there is something you feel like we're missing; some screens you'd like to see, let us know using the 'Submit' function above. All images are copyright of their respective owners; I do not own any of the content posted on this blog, besides any of the views or opinions expressed therein.

I am many things, but mostly I am a boy, and a native of Nottingham, England, currently residing Toronto, and having a damn good time of it too. I read, write, blog, play video games and pretend I have lots to say about lots of things. This is a glimpse into my life through the media I love. You can view my personal blog by clicking here, though it'll likely send you off to sleep.